Thursday, April 28, 2016

Prisons vs Lord of the Flies


When good people are put in a position where they have power will they could abuse the power given. Good people can abuse the power they have. In the movie the prison guards were told not to physically hurt the inmates, as you see in the trailer they show the prison guards hurting the inmates. You also will see the inmates hurt the guards This also shows up in Lord of the Flies towards the end of the book. Roger and Jack torture Sam and Eric. Right there you see Roger and Jack are abusing power to join their tribe. Another example that you see in Lord of the Flies is when Jack beats up Wilford. You see Jack abusing his power acting like you can beat people up if your the leader, which isn't true. In the Stanford Prison Experiment you see good people the guards becoming evil or having ill intent behaviors. In different situations people will abuse the power they have.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mob Mentality

There are many examples of mob mentality that show up in Lord Of The Flies. Mob mentality almost is taking over the boys. They are becoming savages, an example that shows this is that in chapter 8 they behead the pig and stick the head on a stick. Most young boys don't and would never cut a pigs head off and put it on a stick, that is not a normal thing to do when your the age of 12 and younger. These boys are becoming more mob mentality behaviors. These behaviors are also showed through groups. An example of this is when they treat Robert as if he was a pig and treated him very bad and would abuse him that's an example of hazing. The boys also just think that it was just a game but most young boys wouldn't physically hurt their friends. I think that in Lord Of the Flies does not show any good mob mentality. Mob mentality is taking over these little boys behaviors.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Shadows

"Two boys rolled out a pile of brushwood and dead leaves, two dim shadows talking sleepily to each other" (Golding, pg.96). I chose this quote to show a metaphor. The two boys are being compared to shadows. The boys are almost like the shadows of the morning all you can see is their black silhouettes talking in a low, sleepy  whisper.  Golding chooses to use a metaphor in this passage to go deeper in describing what's going on. He transports you to as if you were with the boys.
I chose this picture to represent this quote because all you can see is the shadowy silhouettes of these two boys.  Also the boys hair to the right is messy and doesn't look like it's been washed in a few days, which also gives the effect of the boys in Lord of The Flies and how they haven't had a proper shower in awhile.