Thursday, February 25, 2016

Can You Teach People To Have Empathy

After reading this article Can you teach people to have empathy by BBC Magazine. Empathy cannot be taught, it is a quality you're born with yet might lose sight of. “According to the latest neuroscience research, 98% of people (the exceptions include those with psychopathic tendencies) have the ability to empathise wired into their brains - an in-built capacity for stepping into the shoes of others and understanding their feelings and perspectives” (BBC, pg1). People could definitely work on having more empathy, but it is not something you can teach.

In the UK they opened a “Empathy Museum”  this museum has a human library, where you can borrow a person to have a conversation with you, understand their story. With this museum it will never be the person listening ever being completely be in their shoes. Listening is a big part of having empathy. “Radical listening can have an extraordinary impact on resolving conflict situations” (BBC, pg 2). Someone can be a good listener but not truly understand what the other person's saying or even get the situation. People may be able to almost force themselves to have empathy by being like “who picked these bananas I’m eating right now” or just thinking about everything and being like someone had to pick these bananas that I’m eating right now. In conclusion empathy cannot be taught to someone, it’s something you’re with but might lose sight of having empathy.