Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jackson Family Feud

After reading "LA Times Jackson family feud to court-ordered investigation" I side with the court and the decision they have come upon now. The decision they have agreed upon is that T.J. will take care of the children's schooling, household, staff, and security, and that Katherine will take care of the financial allowances. I feel like this would be the best option for the children because, when they were with Katherine they were held against their will in Arizona. Another reason is I feel like the children should stay with T.J. is because Katherine is getting old and children are very stressful as the article stated, "They have claimed mismanagement of the estate was affecting Katherine Jackson's health, and Randy Jackson insisted she went to a spa on doctor's orders to relax." (Ryan). Katherine is 82 years old and raising three teenagers would be a very stressful and very hard job. T.J. has had a lot of experience raising children/teenagers, since he's helped raise his brother Blanket who was 10. Overall I think what they have agreed upon now was the right solution for everyone, not just the kids, but for Katherine too.