Thursday, October 8, 2015

Suli Breaks Video

        The Suli Breaks video was an eye-opening video. The video was him rapping about why he hates school but loves education. My reaction to the video after watching it that it made a lot of sense. Kids might love to learn but hate the school environment. In the video the major theme that Suli was trying convey was that exam grades don't determine individual's strengths. People posses talents that don't show up certain required subjects, and these grades shouldn't determine their success later in life. I agree with Suli's message because not all the major subjects are relevant to today's society. In this age of technology it isn't required for certain careers to need to know a high level of math. The video was saying you shouldn't be judge on getting an A on a test. I think that people should watch or even just listen to the spoken word poetry.